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Your Dating Site Profile

How To Make Your Dating Site Profile Attractive

What is a dating profile?

When you register as a member of a dating site, you will have to create a profile that can be viewed by others looking for friends or partners. This profile is the first thing read by people who want to know you better, before considering you as a potential match on dating websites. It’s essential to ensure that your profile stands out among countless others.  

A few simple features can make a profile attractive or regular text. What do you want yours to be?

Here are some things that MUST be kept in mind while making a profile on free dating sites.


This includes a short summary of your personality. To make it more interesting, spend some time observing other people’s profiles and think about what you want them to think of you. The best thing is to be original and witty. This gives you a chance to be simple yet grab the attention of potential dates. Every few days, you can change the headline to make your profile attractive.


Your profile should be such that it attracts potential partners to you. Remember that you don’t want them to think you are something you are not. Just be yourself while writing in your profile. Attracting someone on the basis of fake details is not going to lead to any positive results in the long term. If you seek a lasting relationship, be honest about yourself and do it in an interesting manner. Use your imagination and be creative.

Positive Attitude

Optimistic and cheerful people are often more attractive than pessimists. When people read online profiles on free dating sites, they are inclined to like others with a enthusiastic, cheerful and happy attitude. Keep this in mind while writing your profile. Be positive and let your tone and manner reflect the same. When a person sounds full of life, people will instantly want to know more about them, spend time with them and get to know them better.

Be Different

Don’t rush through making your profile on a free dating site. Its better to put some thought into it and be original while describing yourself. Imitating others or talking just like many others will not make your profile stand apart from the crowd. So, you must write with a fresh perspective and incorporate your personal details in an interesting yet approachable manner.


Before making your dating sites profiles, be clear about what you want from the online dating sites. Make sure that your profile doesn’t sound confusing or boring. Keep it simple and interesting to read. You should communicate in a way that grabs attention but does not overstate your personal details. An element of mystery is always good for enticing prospective partners to pursue you or get in touch with you.

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Dating Negative Nancy

No, No Dating Negative Nancy

When you are writing your profile there are some ways to give you an edge on finding a date faster.  Stay away from negativity.  If you have an upbeat profile that talks about things that you like and enjoy doing then you will have a better chance at meeting people.  Most people find negative talk as a real downer and tend to stay away from it.  Instead of writing about the things that you hate or dislike just write what you really find entertaining and fun.

A dating site profile that has a more positive beat to it is more likely to attract someone to it and thus, you.  People want to be with a winner and a winner has a really positive vibe.  Negative speak and energy pushes people away.  Obviously, that isn’t what you are attempting to do if you have a profile on a dating site.

In keeping with this upbeat vibe, also try to keep your profile current and fun.  A good way to do that is to have fun with your profile photos.  Change them up and show off some of the ways that you can be silly or humorous.  This is a good way to attract someone that is fun and knows how to have a good time.  Throw in a little pizzazz with your writing. 

Instead of saying, “I went to the park,” tell a story, make it exciting, and include the details that you enjoyed about the park.  The more descriptive you are the better.  Spend a little time in writing your profile until it reads like an excerpt out of an adventure magazine.

If you want to really focus your profile on the people that you want to meet then include a little more information about what you are looking for.  Instead of saying that you want to find someone, be a little more specific.  You can mention the age range, or personal preferences, that way it will let someone know right away if they could be a match for you or not.

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